NetScaler VPX on AWS

You can launch a NetScaler VPX instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The NetScaler VPX appliance is available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in AWS marketplace. A NetScaler VPX instance on AWS enables you to use AWS cloud computing capabilities and use NetScaler load balancing and traffic management features for their business needs. The VPX instance supports all the traffic management features of a physical NetScaler appliance, and it can be deployed as standalone instances or in HA pairs. For more information on VPX features, see the VPX data sheet.

Getting started

Before you get started with your VPX deployment, you must be familiar with the following information:

Deploy a NetScaler VPX instance on AWS

In AWS, the following deployment types are supported for VPX instances:

Hybrid Deployments


A NetScaler VPX instance on AWS requires a license. The following licensing options are available for NetScaler VPX instances running on AWS:




Customer case studies



  • Open a Support case
  • For NetScaler subscription offering, see Troubleshoot a VPX instance on AWS. To file a support case, find your AWS account number and support PIN code, and call NetScaler support.
  • For NetScaler Customer Licensed offering or BYOL, ensure that you have the valid support and maintenance agreement. If you do not have an agreement, contact your NetScaler representative.

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NetScaler VPX on AWS