Azure FAQs

  • Is the upgrade procedure of NetScaler VPX instance installed from Azure Marketplace different from the on-premises upgrade procedure?

    No. You can upgrade your NetScaler VPX instance in the Microsoft Azure cloud to NetScaler VPX release 11.1 or later, using standard NetScaler VPX upgrade procedures. You can upgrade either using GUI or CLI procedures. For any new installations, use the NetScaler VPX image for Microsoft Azure cloud.

    To download the NetScaler VPX upgrade builds, go to NetScaler downloads > NetScaler Firmware.

  • How to correct MAC moves and interface mutes observed on NetScaler VPX instances hosted on Azure?

    In Azure Multi-NIC environment, by default, all data interfaces might show MAC moves and interface mutes. To avoid MAC moves and interface mutes on Azure environments, Citrix recommends you to create a VLAN per data interface (without tag) of the NetScaler VPX instance and bind the primary IP of the NIC in Azure.

    For more information, see CTX224626 article.

Azure FAQs

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