Install a NetScaler VPX instance on a bare metal server

A bare metal is a fully dedicated physical server that delivers physical isolation, fully integrated into the cloud environment. It is also known as a single-tenant server. Single tenancy allows you to avoid the noisy neighbor effect. With bare metal, you do not witness the noisy neighbor effect because you are the sole user.

A bare metal server installed with a hypervisor provides you a management suite to create virtual machines on the server. The hypervisor does not run applications natively. Its purpose is to virtualize your workloads into separate virtual machines to gain the flexibility and reliability of virtualization.

Prerequisites for installing NetScaler VPX instance on bare metal servers

A bare metal server must be obtained from a cloud vendor that meets all the system requirements for the respective hypervisor.

Install the NetScaler VPX instance on bare metal servers

To install NetScaler VPX instances on a bare metal server, you must first obtain a bare metal server with adequate system resources from a cloud vendor. On that bare metal server, any of the supported hypervisors such as Linux KVM, VMware ESX, Citrix Hypervisor, or Microsoft Hyper-V must be installed and configured before deploying the NetScaler VPX instance.

For more information on the list of different hypervisors and features supported on a NetScaler VPX instance, see Support matrix and usage guidelines.

For more information on installing NetScaler VPX instances on different hypervisors, see the respective documentation.

Install a NetScaler VPX instance on a bare metal server