Citrix SD-WAN Center 11.4

Deploy Citrix SD-WAN appliance

You can use Citrix SD-WAN Center to create the appliance configuration or appliance settings file and use the change management wizard to push the configuration to the appliances on the network. For more information, see Configure Citrix SD-WAN appliances.

You can configure Citrix SD-WAN Center to act as the central licensing server and provides licensing services to all the nodes in the network. This eliminates the need to install licenses on individual nodes locally. For more information, see Citrix SD-WAN Center as a license server.

You can use Citrix SD-WAN Center to streamline the process of deploying the SD-WAN applainces at branch offices using the Zero Touch Deployment feature. For more information, see Zero Touch Deployment.

Deploy Citrix SD-WAN appliance

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