Citrix SD-WAN Center 11.4

Ethernet interface report

Citrix SD-WAN Center provides a central view of all the Ethernet interfaces on the different Citrix SD-WAN appliances on your SD-WAN network. This helps you during troubleshooting to quickly see whether any of the ports are down. You can also view the transmitted and received bandwidth, or packet details at each port. You can also view the number of errors that occurred on these interfaces during a certain time period.

The Ethernet interfaces are configured on each Citrix SD-WAN appliance during setting up the SD-WAN network.

For information about configuring interface groups for MCN sites, see Configure MCN.

For information about configuring interface groups for branch sites, see Configure Branch Node.

To view Ethernet interface statistics:

In Citrix SD-WAN Center, navigate to Reports > Ethernet, and in the timeline control select a time period.

You can select and view reports of a particular time frame by using the timeline controls. For more information, see, Timeline controls.

You can also create, save and open report views. For more information, see, Manage views.

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You can view the following metrics:

  • Name: Name of the Ethernet interface.
  • Worst State: Worst state observed during the selected time period.
  • TX Bandwidth: Bandwidth transmitted.
  • RX Bandwidth: Bandwidth received.
  • TX Packets: Number of packets transmitted.
  • RX Packets: Number of packets received.
  • Errors: Number of errors observed during the selected time period.
  • Data Coverage: Percentage of the selected time period for which data is available.


Click the settings icon to select the metrics that you want to view.

Ethernet interface report

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