Citrix SD-WAN Center 11.4

Appliance settings

You can configure appliance setting on Citrix SD-WAN Center and export it to a set of managed Citrix SD-WAN appliances in your SD-WAN network.  The Appliance Settings page allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Create a new appliance settings file.
  • Open and edit an existing appliance settings file.
  • Import an appliance settings file from your local computer.
  • Download an appliance settings file to your local computer.
  • Export an appliance settings file to the managed appliances.

To create an appliance settings file and export it to managed appliances:

  1. In the Citrix SD-WAN Center web interface, click the Configuration tab.

  2. Click Appliance Settings and then click New.

    localized image

  3. Select Include in file for the required settings and specify the parameter values for the settings. For more information, see appliance settings table.

  4. Click Export. In the Save as dialog box, enter a name for the appliance settings file and click Save. The Export Appliance Settings dialog box appears.

  5. In the Destination field select Managed Appliances and select the appliances for which you want to export the appliance settings to.

    localized image


To download the appliance settings to your local computer, in the Destination field select File Download.

     6.  Click Export.

Appliance settings

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