Port Parameters

Each bridge and motherboard port can be:

  • Enabled or disabled
  • Assigned an IP address and subnet mask
  • Assigned a default gateway
  • Assigned to a VLAN
  • Set to 1000 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 10 Mbps
  • Set to full duplex, half-duplex, or auto (on SD-WAN WANOP 4000/5000 appliances, some ports can be set to 10 Gbps)

All of these parameters except the speed/duplex setting are set on the Configuration: IP Address page. The speed/duplex settings are set on the Configuration: Interface page.

Notes about parameters:

  • Disabled ports do not respond to any traffic.
  • The browser-based UI can be enabled or disabled independently on all ports.
  • To secure the UI on ports with IP addresses, select HTTPS instead of HTTP on the Configuration: Administrator Interface: Web Access page.
  • Inline mode works even if a bridge has no IP address. All other modes require that an IP address be assigned to the port.
  • Traffic is not routed between interfaces. For example, a connection on bridge apA does not cross over to the Primary or Aux1 ports, but remains on bridge apA. All routing issues are left to your routers.
Port Parameters