Use the Maintenance page to perform maintenance activities such as upgrading downgrading system software, backing up and restoring configurations and clearing statistics.

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Upgrade system software

There is a different Citrix SD-WAN software package for each appliance model. You need to download the appropriate SD-WAN WANOP software package for an appliance you want to include in a network and save it in your local drive.

The appliance software is upgraded by means of patch files that you obtain from Citrix.


If the appliances are running older software release version, you need to upgrade to the latest software release version first.

To upgrade system software, go to Configuration > Maintenance. Select Upgrade System Software under Upgrade/Downgrade. select the patch file, and upload it to the appliance.

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The patch file will be examined by the appliance. Only a valid patch file can upgrade the system to a different release from the one currently in use.

An upgrade preserves license files and system settings. The upgraded unit requires no reconfiguration except for any new features that have been added with the new release.

Change release

The change release page displays the currently installed release. If you want to change the release version, click Change Release option and select the release from the drop-down list and click Change.

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Change version type

The Change Version Type option allows you to select a debug version of the release. You can select the version type form the Type drop-down list and click Change. The following are the possible debug versions:

  • Default
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Default MC
  • Level 1 MC
  • Level 2 MC

You need to perform this action as instructed by the Support team.

Restart system

Once a patch is installed, a pop-up message will ask if the appliance can be restarted. The patch will not be applied until the appliance is restarted. If you select not to restart the system immediately, a reminder will be placed at the top of each page.

Click Restart System to restart the SD-WAN WANOP appliance. This process takes several minutes.

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Backup settings

You can back up the appliance configuration by saving it as a text file.

Click Save Settings, a text file is downloaded to your local drive. License files, SSH parameters, and the IP addresses on the Management IP page cannot be saved. The file is an ordinary text file, but should not be edited manually.

Restore settings

Once the file is saved, it can be restored to the same SD-WAN WANOP appliance.

The appliance maintains copies of older releases. Restore Settings option helps to restore configured settings. Licenses files, SSH parameters, and the IP addresses on the Management IP page are not copied back from the newer release to the older one. Instead, the appliance will revert to the settings that were in effect at the time the older release was upgraded.

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Reset to factory defaults

Reset to Factory Defaults option allows resetting the settings. It sets all the parameters except IP addresses, bandwidth settings, and licenses to their factory defaults. Click Reset to Factory Defaults, a confirmation message appears. Click Yes if you want to restore the settings to factory defaults.

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Clear statistics

Clear Statistics page allows resetting the SD-WAN WANOP appliance’s statistics. It also allows creating reports that start at the beginning of the desired sampling window. Select the statistic options you want to clear from the appliance and click Clear.

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