Citrix Hypervisor 6.5 upgrade


To upgrade to Citrix Hypervisor version 6.5, the appliances must be running Citrix SD-WAN WANOP software release 9.0.x or later.


Do not attempt upgrading when the appliance is running on software version lower than release 9.0.x to prevent upgrade issues.

How to upgrade to Citrix Citrix Hypervisor 6.5

To upgrade to Citrix Hypervisor 6.5 on SD-WAN WANOP appliances, ensure that the appliance is running software release version 9.0.x or later. If the appliances are running older software release version, upgrade to the latest software release version first.

  1. In Citrix SD-WAN WANOP GUI, go to Configuration > Maintenance > Update Software. Download the ns-sdw-wo-<Build_No>.upg file to upgrade the appliance.

    localized image

  2. After upgrading to the latest software version of WANOP software, navigate to Configuration > Maintenance > Update Software in the GUI. Upload ns-sdw-xen65-pkg_v1.5.upg file.

  3. Wait for approximately 20 mins for the upgrade to complete. The appliance restarts after the upgrade is successfully completed.

Citrix Hypervisor 6.5 upgrade