Reuse run configuration jobs

Configuration jobs allow you to create a set of configuration commands that you can run on one or more managed instances. You can also run the same set of saved configuration jobs after modifying the commands, the parameters, the configuration source, and instances in the job. This is useful when the same sets of commands have to be run on a different instance, or when the job encounters an error and stops further execution.

NetScaler Console provides a function to run the completed jobs again. With this function, jobs that are run completely can be run again without changing the job name.

Note You can re-execute only those jobs that are run when the mode of execution is “Now.”

To edit completed jobs:

  1. From the NetScaler Console home page, navigate to Infrasturcture > Configuration Jobs.

  2. In Jobs page, select a job that shows the Execution Summary as Completed, and click Edit. You can also edit a scheduled configuration job.

  3. In Configure Job page, you can see that the Job Name and the Instance type are non-editable. You can modify other fields like configuration source, add instances, edit variable values, and set execution settings.

  4. Click Finish to run the configuration job again.


You can also select the job and click Execute again to run the job without modifying any source, instance, and commands. This is useful when you have to run the same set of commands on the same instances. Sometimes, the job might encounter a transient error from the server side, and you might have to run the job again.

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Reuse run configuration jobs

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