Create configuration jobs from corrective commands

You can use the audit template feature in NetScaler Console to monitor configuration changes across managed NetScaler instances and troubleshoot configuration errors.

The typical work flow for auditing configuration changes using audit templates consists of the following steps

  1. Create audit template with a set of valid/expected NetScaler commands for auditing instance configurations.

  2. Select the NetScaler instances against which you want to run the audit template to check for any differences between the running configuration and the expected configurations.

  3. Understand the differential/corrective commands and utilize the “Create Job” functionality to get the instance’s configurations to the desired state

Consider a scenario where multiple administrators are managing five NetScaler instances. All these administrators make updates to the existing instance configuration as and when there are any changes needed. The super administrator wants to ensure that a certain set of important configuration remains untouched irrespective of the changes being made by other administrators. For this use case, the super administrator creates a template of the configuration that is expected to be present on the NetScaler instances and runs it against the instances. NetScaler Console compares the audit template configuration with the running configuration and reports any mismatch on the Configuration Audit dashboard.

If you notice that there is a change in the configuration of some instances, you can use the NetScaler Console corrective commands feature to create a configuration job with the modified and corrected configuration commands for specific NetScaler instances.

If any difference exists between the audit template configuration and the running configuration, a Diff Exists status message appears on the Audit Report page. Clicking the Diff Exits link takes you to the Configuration Diff page, where you can view the corrective command. You can also use these corrective commands to create a configuration job and run that on the specific NetScaler instances to get them back to the desired configuration.

To create a configuration job from corrective commands on NetScaler Console

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Configuration Audit.

  2. On the Configuration Audit page, click inside any of the two donut charts to access the Audit Reports page.

  3. Click the Diff Exists link (under the Saved vs Running Diff column in the table) for the instance for which you want to correct the configuration commands. The Configuration Diff page appears, listing the differences between the Saved Configuration, Running Configuration, and Correction Configuration for that instance.

    Configuration difference

  4. Click Create Job to go to the Create Job page, on which the corrective commands pre-populated. For instructions on how to create a configuration job, see How to Create a Configuration Job on NetScaler Console.

    Create a job

Create configuration jobs from corrective commands