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Configure Active Directory in LOM

Add an active directory in LOM to use LDAP authentication with LOM.

Follow these steps to add an Active Directory in LOM.

  1. Log on to the LOM GUI.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Active Directory.

    Active Directory

  3. Click the link to configure or edit active directory settings.

    Active Directory settings

  4. Type values for the different parameters and click Save.

    Type values for Active Directory settings

    The following message appears after a successful save.

    Save Active Directory settings

  5. Click Active Directory and add a role group. A role group is required to give an Active Directory user a specific type of privilege on LOM.

    Add a role group

  6. Select Administrator to give admin privileges to the role group and click Save.

    Admin privileges for the role group

    The role group appears in the table.

    Save role group settings

  7. Log on as an Active Directory user.

    Successful logon

You have completed the steps to add an Active Directory.

Configure Active Directory in LOM

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