Set up NetScaler BLX cluster

NetScaler BLX cluster is a group of BLX instances working together as a single system. Each BLX instance is called a node. BLX cluster can have one instance or as many as 32 instances as nodes.

Before you begin

Limitations of a NetScaler BLX cluster

The BLX cluster has the following limitations:

  • INC mode is not supported.
  • CLAG-based traffic distribution is not supported.
  • All limitations of a standalone BLX apply to a BLX cluster as well.

    For more information about the limitations of standalone BLX, see BLX limitations.

Set up NetScaler BLX cluster

To set up BLX cluster, follow the general procedure for setting up a NetScaler cluster at NetScaler Cluster.

Set up NetScaler BLX cluster