Detecting jumbo probe on a cluster

If a Jumbo frame is enabled on a Cluster interface, the backplane interface should be large enough to support the all packets in the Jumbo frame. This is achieved by setting the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) of the backplane as:

Backplane_MTU = maximum (all cluster interface MTU’s) + 78

To verify the above configuration, you must send a jumbo probe (of the above computational size) to all peer nodes of a Cluster setup. If the probe does not succeed, the appliance displays a warning message in the output of the “show cluster instance” command.

In the command interface mode, type the following command:

    > show cluster instance
      Cluster ID: 1
      Dead Interval: 3 secs
      Hello Interval: 200 msecs
      Preemption: DISABLED
      Propagation: ENABLED
      Quorum Type: MAJORITY
      INC State: DISABLED
      Process Local: DISABLED
      Cluster Status: ENABLED(admin),    ENABLED(operational), UP


The MTU for a backplane interface must be large enough to handle all packets in the frame. It must be equal to <MTU\_VAL>. If the recommended value is not user configurable, you must review the MTU value of jumbo interfaces. |Sl. no | Member Nodes |Health |Admin State |Operation State| |—- |—- |—- |—- |—- | | 1 | Node ID: 1; Node IP: | UP | Active | ACTIVE (Configuration Coordinator) | | 2 | Node ID: 2; Node IP: | UP | Active | Active |

Detecting jumbo probe on a cluster