Removing a cluster node

When a node is removed from the cluster, the cluster configurations are cleared from the node (by internally running the clear ns config -extended command). The SNIP addresses, MTU settings of the backplane interface, and all VLAN configurations (except the default VLAN and NSVLAN) are also cleared from the appliance.


  • If the deleted node was the cluster configuration coordinator (CCO), another node is automatically selected as the CCO, and the cluster IP address is assigned to that node. All the current cluster IP address sessions are invalid and you have to start a new session.
  • To delete the whole cluster, you must remove each node individually. When you remove the last node, the cluster IP addresses are deleted.
  • When an active node is removed, the traffic serving capability of the cluster is reduced by one node. Existing connections on this node are terminated.
  • You can list the spotted configuration of a cluster node using the shell spottedconfig <nodeID> command and take a backup before removing the node from the cluster.

To remove a cluster node by using the CLI

  1. Log on to the cluster IP address and at the command prompt, type:

    rm cluster node <nodeId>
    rm cluster node 1
    All spotted configurations will be lost. Take a backup of the spotted configurations for node ID 1 using the command `shell spottedconfig 1`.
    Are you sure you want to remove the cluster node (Y/N)? [N]:Y
    save ns config
  2. Log on to the removed node, NSIP address, and at the command prompt, type:

    save ns config


If the cluster IP address is unreachable from the node, run the rm cluster instance command on the NSIP address of that node itself.

To remove a cluster node by using the GUI

On the cluster IP address, navigate to System > Cluster > Nodes, select the node you want to remove and click Remove.

Removing a cluster node