Using cluster LA channel with linksets

In an asymmetric cluster topology, some cluster nodes are not connected to the upstream network. In such a case, you must use linksets. To optimize the performance, you can bind the interfaces that are connected to the switch as a cluster LA channel and then bind the channel to a linkset.


We do not recommend using an asymmetric cluster topology.

To understand how a combination of cluster LA channel and linksets can be used, consider a three-node cluster for which the upstream switch has only two ports available. You can connect two of the cluster nodes to the switch and leave the other node unconnected.


Similarly, you can also use a combination of ECMP and linksets in an asymmetric topology.

Figure 1. Linksets and cluster LA channel topology

Cluster Linkset CLAG topology

To configure cluster LA channel and linksets by using the CLI

  1. Log on to the cluster IP address.

  2. Bind the connected interfaces to a cluster LA channel.

    add channel CLA/1 –ifnum 0/1/2 1/1/2
  3. Bind the cluster LA channel to the linkset.

    add linkset LS/1 -ifnum CLA/1
Using cluster LA channel with linksets