The application analytics and management feature of NetScaler Console enables you to monitor the applications through application-centric approach. This approach helps you to:

  • Check the score and analyze the overall performance of the applications

  • Check for any issues that persist with server or client

  • Detect anomalies in the application traffic flows and take corrective actions


    Applications refer to one or more virtual servers that are configured on the instances (NetScaler).

You can monitor the applications for the time duration such as 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.


  • Ensure you have added NetScaler instances in NetScaler Console

  • Ensure you have valid license for your NetScaler instances. For more information, see Licensing

  • Ensure you have applied license for virtual servers. For more information, see Manage licensing on virtual servers

Application overview

Applications can be:

  • Discrete applications

  • Custom applications

  • Microservices applications (k8s_discrete)

Discrete applications

All virtual servers that are licensed are referred to as discrete applications.

Custom applications

The virtual servers under one category are referred to as custom applications. As an administrator, you must add custom applications based on a category. You can then manage and monitor the applications through the dashboard. You get an ease of monitoring specific applications that are grouped under one category.

For example, you can create a category for your data center1 and add its NetScaler instances. After you define a category and add the instance for your data center1, the application dashboard is displayed with a separate category, comprising all the applications related to your data center1.

Points to note

  • The discrete applications that are added to the custom applications are removed from the discrete applications.

  • All applications that are not added to any category are available as “others”.

  • By default, NetScaler Console enables you to add licenses for up to 2 applications. Depending upon your license, you can select and apply licenses for the applications that you want to monitor.

Microservices applications

In a Kubernetes cluster, NetScaler provides an Ingress Controller for NetScaler MPX (hardware), NetScaler VPX (virtualized), and NetScaler CPX (containerized). For more information, see NetScaler Ingress Controller.

The discrete applications that are configured using the NetScaler CPX instances are referred to as microservices applications.