Configure connections for the Citrix Secure Access client

You configure user device connections by defining the resources users can access in the internal network. Configuring user device connections includes:

  • Defining the domains to which users are allowed access.
  • Configuring IP addresses for users, including address pools (intranet IPs).
  • Configuring time-out settings.
  • Configuring single sign-on.
  • Configuring client interception.
  • Configuring split tunneling.
  • Configuring connections through a proxy server.
  • Configuring user software to connect through NetScaler Gateway.
  • Configuring access for mobile devices.

You configure most user device connections by using a profile that is part of a session policy. You can also define user device connection settings by using intranet applications, preauthentication, and traffic policies.


Windows VPN plug-in and EPA plug-ins collect telemetry data for its various operations. To disable the functionality do the following on the client machine.

Set registry “HKLM\Software\Citrix\Secure Access Client\DisableGA” of type REG_DWORD to 1.

Configure connections for the Citrix Secure Access client

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