Windows autologon

The Windows autologon functionality enables Citrix Secure Access client to establish a tunnel with NetScaler automatically once the user logs in to the Windows machine. The authentication methods that support the Windows autologon functionality are LDAP and Kerberos.

Configure Windows autologon by using the CLI

You can configure Windows autologon by using the following CLI command:

set vpn parameter -windowsAutoLogon ON

Autologon with Kerberos authentication

Starting from Citrix Secure Access client for Windows versions and later, you can use the Kerberos authentication method for autologon.

With this authentication method, the back-end Kerberos SSO works seamlessly without the admin having to push any additional back-end URL configurations to the client machines. Also, the Gateway URL gets automatically added in the Internet Properties > Trusted Sites section on the client machines.


Configure Kerberos authentication with Citrix Secure Access client

To configure Kerberos authentication with Citrix Secure Access client, admins must set the EnableKerberosAuth VPN client registry key. For details about the VPN registry key, see NetScaler Gateway Windows VPN client registry keys.


Windows autologon