Cluster node groups


Node groups are supported from NetScaler 10.1 onwards.

As the name indicates, a cluster node group is a group of cluster nodes.

Figure 1. NetScaler cluster with node groups

Cluster node group

The preceding figure shows a cluster which has node groups NG1 and NG2 that include 3 cluster nodes each. The cluster also has 3 nodes that are not part of any node group.

A node group can be configured for the following:

  • To define spotted and partially striped configurations. For more information, see Node groups for Spotted and Partially Striped Configurations.
  • To configure redundancy of node groups. For more information, see Configuring Redundancy for Node groups. Note: Supported from NetScaler 10.5 Build 52.1115.e onwards.
  • To define an L3 cluster (also called a cluster in INC mode). In an L3 cluster, cluster nodes can be from different networks. You must group nodes that belong to a network in a single node group. For example, if n1, n2, n3 are in network1 and n4, n5, n6 are in network2, then NG1 must include nodes of network1 and NG2 must include nodes of network2. For setting up an L3 cluster, see Creating a NetScaler cluster.


  • Supported from NetScaler 11 onwards.
  • The preceding functions of a node group are mutually exclusive. It means that a node group can provide only one of the preceding mentioned functionalities.
Cluster node groups

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