StyleBook configuration

Use API to export a config pack

You can use the StyleBook API to export config packs from NetScaler Console. The export bundle is saved to your local computer. It includes the JSON file with all the parameters defined in a configuration pack and any associated system files.

POST https://<ADM-endpoint-name>/stylebook/nitro/v2/config/configpacks/<configpack-ID>/actions/export


    "export": {
        "options": {
            "include_stylebook": true,
            "include_targets": false,
            "compress_type": "zip",
            "password_protect": false
        "passphrase": ""

You can choose to export the config pack along with the associated StyleBook and target instances.

When you export a configuration pack, a tgz or zip bundle downloads to your local computer. The bundle type depends on the given compress_type.

Use API to export a config pack

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