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Prometheus analytics StyleBook

You can export metrics from NetScaler to Prometheus by creating an analytics profile in NetScaler and specifying the schema file. In StyleBooks, you can use the Prometheus TimeSeries Analytics Configuration StyleBook and run the configuration to all managed instances.


Ensure that the managed NetScaler instances are in 13.1 build 39-27 or later.

To configure using the Prometheus TimeSeries Analytics Configuration StyleBook:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Configurations > StyleBooks, search for the StyleBook by typing the name as Prometheus TimeSeries Analytics Configuration, and click Create Configuration.

  2. In Configpack Details:

    1. Specify the analytics profile name. For more information, see Configure metrics collector.

    2. Counter Schema File:

      • If you want to proceed with the default schema, you can skip this step.

      • If you want to proceed with the custom schema, upload the schema file that you have modified with the parameters. In NetScaler, a reference file reference_schema.json with all supported counters is available under the path /var/metrics_conf/. You can use an FTP client to copy the file in your local.

  3. In Target Instances, select the instances or instance group that you want to run the configuration.

  4. In Tag Assosiation, associate all present and future StyleBook tags with the configuration.

    This option associates all the StyleBook tags to a configuration pack. It also makes sure to associate the new tags that you might add to the StyleBooks in future.


    Click Dry Run to view results that get created, modified, or removed from the NetScaler instances.

  5. Click Create to run the configuration.

Prometheus analytics StyleBook