StyleBook configuration


In the outputs section, you specify what a StyleBook exposes to its users after it has completed creating all the configuration objects successfully. The outputs section of a StyleBook is optional. A StyleBook does not need to return outputs. However, by returning some internal components as outputs, it allows any StyleBooks that import it more flexibility as you can see when creating a composite StyleBook.

The following table describes the attributes used in the outputs section.

Attribute Description Mandatory
name The name of the output corresponding to the configuration object you want to expose. Yes
description A text string describing the output. No
value This attribute specifies how to extract the value that is returned by a StyleBook. Yes




   name: lbvserver

   description: LBVServer component

   value: $


   name: svc-grp

     description: ServiceGroup name

     value: $

In this example, you expose the lbvserver component and the servicegroup name that would be created by the StyleBook. The value of the output called lbvserver is the component my-lbvserver-comp. Similarly, the value of the output called svc-grp is the name of the servicegroup created by the component my-svcg.


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