NetScaler SDX

Deploying a Citrix Secure Web Gateway Instance on an SDX Appliance

The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution offers tools that enterprises can use to protect against internet threats.

From release 12.0 56.20, you can deploy a SDX SWG instance on a SDX appliance. All SDX models support SDX SWG instances. For more information, see SDX Hardware-Software Compatibility Matrix.

Deploying a SDX SWG instance on a SDX appliance includes the following tasks:


  • Install an exclusive instance pack for SDX SWG. This instance pack is different from SDX platform license or SDX instance pack.

Points to Note

Keeping the following points in mind while provisioning a SDX instance on an SDX appliance:

  • The platform license determines the throughput of the SDX SWG instance.
  • You can provision the SWG instance only on one or more dedicated CPU cores.
  • Use regular Citrix ADC XVA and upgrade images for provisioning and upgrading an SDX SWG instance. Make sure the image supports the SWG feature.
  • You can provision up to two SWG instances with one SDX 2-Instance Add-On Pack for Secure Web Gateway license.


  • You cannot convert a NetScaler VPX ADC instance to a SWG instance, and vice versa.
  • You cannot set up a Citrix ADC cluster of SDX SWG instances.
  • Attaching a FIPS partition to an SDX SWG instance is not supported.
  • Pooled licensing is not supported.
Deploying a Citrix Secure Web Gateway Instance on an SDX Appliance