NetScaler SDX

NetScaler SDX documentation history

The following table describes important changes to the NetScaler SDX appliance. To receive notifications about these updates, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Date Change Topic
09 Oct 2023 Updated the supported upgrade paths for single bundle image. See Supported upgrade paths
13 Jun 2023 Added a note about an extra CPU assigned for management when a dedicated core is assigned to a VPX instance. See Provisioning Citrix ADC instances
06 Jan 2021 Added supported and unsupported upgrade paths See Supported upgrade paths
18 Aug 2020 Added new topics Data governance and Citrix ADM Service Connect
04 Jul 2019 Added points to note about SBI upgrade to 12.1 51.16/19 Single Bundle Upgrade
18 Jun 2019 Changed default value of auto negotiation from OFF to ON. Managing Interfaces
30 May 2019 Updated the values for SDX 26XXX and 15XXX 50G in the Legacy SSL chips to the ACU and SCU conversion table. Manage crypto capacity
NetScaler SDX documentation history