NetScaler SDX

SDX Resource Visualizer

When a Citrix ADC instance is provisioned on a NetScaler SDX appliance, various resources such as CPU, throughput, memory need to be allocated to an instance. With current SDX, the information about various available resources is not displayed.

Using resource visualizer, all the available resource which can be used to provision an instance are displayed in a single dashboard. All the available and used resources are shown in a graphical format. Resource visualizer also displays other parameters such as power supply status, temperature etc apart from the resources that can be allocated.

The resource visualizer also displays the various resources that an instance is using. To see the various resources associated with an instance, click on the instance name in the visualizer. The right hand side of the visualizer displays all the available and used resources in a graphical format.

The following illustration shows the details captured in resource visualizer:


SDX Resource Visualizer