Configuring Network Address Translation

Network address translation (NAT) involves modification of the source and/or destination IP addresses and/or the TCP/UDP port numbers of IP packets that pass through the NetScaler appliance. Enabling NAT on the appliance enhances the security of your private network, and protects it from a public network such as the Internet, by modifying your networks source IP addresses when data passes through the NetScaler. Also, with the help of NAT entries, your entire private network can be represented by a few shared public IP addresses. The NetScaler supports the following types of network address translation:

  • Inbound NAT (INAT). The NetScaler replaces the destination IP address in the packets generated by the client with the private IP address of the server.
  • Reverse NAT (RNAT). The NetScaler replaces the source IP address in the packets generated by the servers with the public NAT IP addresses.
Configuring Network Address Translation

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