StyleBook configuration

Use GUI attributes in a custom StyleBook

You can add GUI attributes in the parameters section of your StyleBook to make the fields intuitive when displayed on NetScaler Console.

Add a label with tooltip for parameters

You can add a descriptive name for the parameter by using the label attribute. Add a tooltip for this parameter by using the description attribute.


name: ip
label: Virtual Server IP Address
description: IP address of the virtual server that represents the load balanced application.
type: ipaddress
required: true

Set a collapsible pane for the parameter

If you have a parameter of type object, you can define the layout by using the gui attribute.


name: svcg-advanced
label: Advanced Application Server Settings
type: object
required: false
 collapse_pane: true
 columns: 2

In this example, the layout is a collapsible object where fields are displayed in two columns.

You can also display a summary view of a parameter of type: object[] (list of objects) as a table with the inner parameters representing the columns. To include or exclude an inner parameter from the summary view, you can use the summary_display attribute in the gui section as follows:


name: settings
label: Settings
type: object[]
    name: name
    label: Name
    description: Name of this setting
    type: string
      summary_display: true

Set the user options as radio buttons

You can list the user options as radio buttons using layout and allowed-values attributes. So, when the user is creating a configuration pack, the parameter values appear as radio buttons.

By default, if the gui attribute is not specified, the parameter values are displayed as a drop-down menu.

    name: block-by-category-action
    label: Action
    description: Set an action if the bot is detected.
    type: string
    default: RESET
        layout: radio
        - NONE
        - DROP
        - REDIRECT
        - RESET
        - MITIGATION

In this example, the user options to set an action appear as radio buttons. And, the RESET option is selected by default.

StyleBook Radio Buttons

Use GUI attributes in a custom StyleBook