Sites with one WAN router

For a site with only one WAN router, the main issue in deployment is to allow the Citrix SD-WAN WANOP appliance to work in harmony with the router. The following figure shows the recommended deployment modes for a single router. Compare it to your router cabling to find the best mode for your environment.

Recommended Deployment Modes, Based on WAN Router Topology

localized image

Comments about the recommended deployment modes:

  1. Single LAN, Single WAN: Inline mode. The router has a single active LAN interface and a single active WAN interface. The recommended mode for this case is inline mode, which provides the simplest installation, the most features, and the highest performance of any mode.

  2. Single LAN, Redundant WANs: Inline mode. Inline mode is best for this configuration as well.

  3. Single LAN, Multiple WANs: Inline or WCCP. This topology falls into two categories: hub-and-spoke or multihop. In a hub-and-spoke deployment, connections are mostly between a spoke site and the hub site. In a multihop deployment, many connections are between two spoke sites, with the data passing through the hub site. A single multihop connection can thus involve as many as three appliances, depending on the details of where the hub site’s appliance is positioned in the traffic flow.

    For proper traffic shaping in multihop deployments, all WAN traffic on the hub site’s WAN router must also pass through the appliance, instead of being passed by the router directly between WAN interfaces. In this case, WCCP is the preferred mode. If the deployment is hub-and-spoke, with most traffic terminating on the hub site, an inline deployment is preferable.

  4. Dual LANs, single WAN: Inline (with dual bridges) or WCCP. This mode is supported by dual accelerated bridges, WCCP mode, or virtual inline mode.

  5. Multiple LANs, multiple WANs: Inline (dual bridges) or WCCP. This is similar to Case C, but complicated by the presence of multiple LAN interfaces as well as multiple WANs. WCCP can always be used here. In the two-LAN case, an appliance with dual bridges can also be used in inline mode.

    For more information, see the table

Sites with one WAN router