Citrix SD-WAN

Configure Secondary MCN

You can configure a site as the secondary MCN to support MCN redundancy. The secondary MCN continuously monitors the health of the primary MCN. If the primary MCN fails, the secondary MCN assumes the role of the MCN. To create a secondary MCN, while adding a new site in the Mode option select secondary MCN. You can configure the virtual interface, virtual IP, WAN link, and other settings manually. Similarly, you can also configure a secondary RCN.


Do not confuse the secondary MCN configuration with High Availability configuration. In secondary MCN configuration, a branch / client site in a different geographical location is configured as a secondary MCN to enable disaster recovery. In HA configuration, two appliances are configured with the same subnet or geographical location to ensure fault tolerance. For information on configuring High Availability configuration, see High Availability Deployment.

You can choose an appliance model for secondary MCN based on the usage, bandwidth requirement, and the number of sites to be supported.

The primary MCN to secondary MCN switch over happens after 15 seconds of the primary MCN being inactive. You cannot configure primary reclaim for secondary MCN, the primary reclaim happens automatically after the primary appliance is back ON and the hold timer expires.

The best way to configure a secondary MCN would be to clone the existing MCN as it retains most of the MCN configuration. When a site is cloned, the entire set of configuration settings for the site are copied and displayed in a single form screen. You can then modify the settings according to the requirements quickly and easily.


You can clone an MCN to create a secondary MCN or branch sites. You can configure only one secondary MCN.

To clone an MCN site and create a secondary MCN:

  1. In the Configuration Editor, navigate to Basic > Sites, and click the clone icon for the MCN site.

    Clone MCN site

  2. Enter the configuration parameter settings for the new site.

    Clone MCN site settings


    A highlighted field with an Audit Alert icon (red dot) indicates a required parameter setting that must have a value different from the current setting.

  3. In the Mode field, select secondary MCN. Resolve all Audit Alerts.

  4. Click Clone to create the secondary MCN site.

Configure Secondary MCN