Citrix SD-WAN

Setup Branch Nodes

This chapter provides instructions for adding and configuring the branch sites. The procedure for adding a branch site is very similar to creating and configuring the MCN site. However, some of the configuration steps and settings do vary slightly for a branch site. In addition, once you have added an initial branch site, for sites that have the same appliance model you can use the Clone (duplicate) feature to streamline the process of adding and configuring those sites.

As with creating the MCN site to set up a branch site you must use the Configuration Editor in the Management Web Interface on the MCN appliance. The Configuration Editor is available only when the interface is set to MCN Console mode.

Supplemental Branch Site Deployment Information

In addition to this guide, the following Knowledge Base support articles are also recommended:

Overview of Branch Site Configuration Procedures

The steps to complete this process are as follows:

  1. Add the branch site.

  2. Configure the Virtual Interface Groups for the branch site.

  3. Configure the Virtual IP Addresses for the branch site.

  4. (Optional) Configure the LAN GRE Tunnels for the branch site.

  5. Configure the WAN Links for the branch site.

  6. Configure the Routes for the branch site.

  7. (Optional) Configure High Availability for the branch site.

  8. (Optional) Clone the new branch site to create and configure additional sites.


    Cloning the site is optional. The Virtual WAN appliance models must be the same for both the original and the cloned sites. You cannot change the specified appliance model for a clone. If the appliance model is different for a site, you must manually add the site.

  9. Resolve any configuration Audit Alerts.

  10. Save the completed configuration.

Setup Branch Nodes