Citrix SD-WAN

Upgrade paths

The following table provides details of all the Citrix SD-WAN software version that you can upgrade to, from the previous versions.

Upgrade paths

The upgrade paths information is also available in the Citrix Upgrade Guide.


  • Customers upgrading from Citrix SD-WAN release 9.3.x are recommended to upgrade to 10.2.8 before upgrading to any major release.
  • While performing software upgrade, ensure that staging to all connected sites is completed before activating. If activation is done before staging completes by enabling Ignore Incomplete, the virtual path might not come up with MCN for the sites to which staging was still in progress. To recover the network, it is required perform local change management for those sites manually.
  • From Citrix SD-WAN release 11.0.0 onwards, the underlying OS/kernel for the SD-WAN software is upgraded to a newer version. It requires an automatic reboot to be performed during the upgrade process. As a result, the expected time for upgrading each appliance is increased by approximately 100 seconds. In addition, by including the new OS, the size of the upgrade package transferred to each branch appliance is increased by approximately 90 MB.
Upgrade paths