Citrix SD-WAN

License expiry

The SD-WAN appliance goes into a 30-day grace period and you have to upload the license after the license expires.

During the grace period, all operations function normally. If the license is not uploaded in time (30 days after expiry), Virtual WAN Service is disabled.

Centralized licensing has a log file to track the functioning of grace period, unlicensed, licensed, communication status, and failures.

In the SD-WAN appliance GUI, under diagnostics, the MCN connectivity test functionality in SD-WAN Center to other sites is available. This can be used to test if each appliance can reach the licensing server. Sites, license state, and status table are available for managing and tracking licenses.

Grace Period:

  1. 30 day grace period is provided for Out-of-Box client nodes. Notification indicates that the appliance is in Out-of-Box mode and needs a valid license. This option uses a grace license file.

  2. License expiry: Once the license expires, a 30 day grace period is provided. Notification indicates that the reason for grace period is the license expiry and needs a renewal.

  3. Loss of communication with SD-WAN center: After 2 heart beats loss, the appliance goes into the grace mode for 30 days. Notification indicates that the reason for the grace period is a communication failure.

License expiry