Citrix SD-WAN

Domain join and delegate user creation

To configure new Premium (Enterprise) Edition (PE) appliance at the DC to windows domain:

  1. Go to Windows Domain in SD-WAN web GUI, navigate to Configuration > Secure Acceleration > and click Join Windows Domain. localized image localized image

  2. Provide Windows domain name and perform Domain Join pre-checks. localized image

  3. After pre-check summary shows as successful, enter domain controller’s credentials. localized image localized image

  4. On successful domain join, you get the following output. localized image

Delegate user

  1. Add delegate user to delegate the services as shown below. localized image

  2. Provide correct domain Name and perform delegate user pre-check. localized image localized image

  3. After delegate user pre-checks are successful, provide valid credentials of the delegate user. localized image

  4. After delegate user is added successfully to SD-WAN, you notice a success message. localized image

  5. To check what all services are delegated by the delegate user, point to the user and select services. localized image

Domain join and delegate user creation