Citrix SD-WAN

Configure optimization default tuning settings

You can configure the WAN optimization default tuning settings in the Global tab.

To configure the WAN Optimization default Tuning Settings, do the following:

  1. In the Global tab, click WAN Optimization Tuning Settings.

    localized image

  2. Select and configure the Tuning Settings.

    The Tuning Settings options are as follows:

    • Maximum MSS – Enter the maximum size (in bytes) for the Maximum Segment Size (MSS) for a TCP segment.

    • Default MSS – Enter the default size (in octets) for the MSS for TCP segments.

    • Enable Connection Timeout – Select this to enable automatic termination of a connection when the idle threshold is exceeded.

    • Idle Timeout – Enter a threshold value (in seconds) to specify the amount of idle time permitted before an idle connection is terminated. You must first select Enable Connection Timeout before this field can be configured.

  3. Click Apply.

    This applies the modified Tuning Settings to the global configuration.

    The next step is to configure the default set of WAN Optimization Application Classifiers.

Configure optimization default tuning settings