Citrix SD-WAN

Add Rule Groups and Enable MOS

A particular application in the network can be defined by the group of rules that is applied to it. The SD-WAN configuration editor provides a default list of rule groups. You can also create custom rule groups and tag individual IP rules or application QoS rules to applications.

For more information about rules, see Rules by IP Address and Port Number and Rules by Application Name.

The statistics for rules with the same rule group will be grouped together and can be viewed together.

For viewing statistics based on rule groups, navigate to Monitoring > Statistics, and in the Show field select Rule Groups.

The mean opinion score (MOS) is a numerical measure of the quality of the experience that an application delivers to end users. It is primarily used for VoIP applications. In SD-WAN, MOS is also used to assess the quality of non-VoIP applications by judging the traffic as if it were a VoIP call.

The average MoS Score is calculated with a sampling interval of 1 minute. MoS score calculated by other third party tools may vary, depending on the sampling interval used.

SD-WAN Center displays the MOS for existing traffic that passes through the virtual path. For more information about viewing MOS in SD-WAN Center, see MOS for Applications.

To add a custom rule group:

  1. In the Configuration Editor, navigate to Global > Rule Groups.. The default list of rule groups appears.

  2. Click the add (+) icon.

  3. Enter the application name.

  4. Click the edit icon and select Enable MOS .

    Enable MOS

  5. Click Apply.


    • You can also enable MOS estimation for the default applications, by selecting Enable MOS.
    • Enable the Track Performance option under Rules to estimate MOS for applications and display it in SD-WAN Center. For more information. see MOS for Applications.
Add Rule Groups and Enable MOS