Citrix SD-WAN

Change management settings

You can schedule the installation of non-Virtual WAN software packages like WANOP, SVM, and XenServer Hotfixes using change management settings.

By default, the MCN assigns schedules installation to be attempted every day at 21:20:00 (local appliance time) based on software availability on the branches.

To edit schedule information:

Navigate to Configuration > Virtual WAN > Change Management Settings. Select the site for which you want to edit schedule information and click Edit.

localized image

You can edit the following parameters:

  • Site Name: Appliance name as given by user in Config Editor for each site.
  • Date: Date on which scheduled installation/upgrade will start from.
  • Time: local time of the appliance when the installation should being once the files are received. Valid Format is HH:MM:SS
  • Maintenance Window: The amount of time given by the user for installation. If “0” is provided installation will start immediately once the files are present on the appliance irrespective of the date and time values given under date and time fields.
  • Repeat Window: Frequency after which the system will check for a new upgrade version and perform upgrade only when a new version is available.
  • Unit: Unit chosen to check for new versions can be any one of Hours/Days/Weeks/Months.

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Following is a sample scheduling information with the supported status details.

localized image

Scheduling Information Status Scheduling Information Status
Green check mark Upgrade is Successful.
Orange exclamation Appliance has received all necessary components, waiting for its scheduled installation window to start.
Yellow circle Change Management has not been done, no action is required.
Red cross mark An error has occurred during installation of OS components. Try Change Management once again, if problem persists, contact tech support.
Orange dotted circle Files are being transferred to the appliance.
Yellow dotted circle Upgrade is in progress.
Change management settings