Citrix SD-WAN

MCN Overview

The Master Control Node (MCN) is the central Virtual WAN Appliance that acts as the master controller of the Virtual WAN, and the central administration point for the client nodes. All configuration activities, as well as preparation of the appliance packages and their distribution to the clients, are performed on the MCN. In addition, certain Virtual WAN monitoring information is available only on the MCN. The MCN can monitor the entire Virtual WAN, whereas client nodes can monitor only their local Intranets, along with some information for those clients with which they are connected.

The primary purpose of the MCN is to establish and utilize Virtual Paths with one or more client nodes located across the Virtual WAN, for Enterprise Site-to-Site communications. An MCN can administer and have Virtual Paths to multiple client nodes. There can be more than one MCN, but only one can be active at any given time.

The below figure illustrates the basic roles and context of the MCN (data center) and client (branch node) appliances for a Virtual WAN Edition deployment.

localized image

MCN Overview