NetScaler SDX

Specifying the port for IPMI BMC failover

With LOM firmware version 3.x or later, the default mode for failover between the dedicated LOM port and the shared LOM/management port is to fail over to the active port. By default, no user configuration is needed other than selecting the port to which to connect the cable. The motherboard has an Ethernet switch between the management MAC and the management port, and between the LOM MAC and the LOM port. The following figure shows the Ethernet switch.

Figure 1. Ethernet Switch

Ethernet switch

You can set this switch to direct LOM traffic through the dedicated LOM port or through the shared management port. A dedicated LOM port removes the management port as a single point of failure, while a shared LOM/management port reduces the cabling costs.

Specifying the port for IPMI BMC failover

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