RfWebUI Persona on Gateway UX Configuration

RfWebUI Persona is a theme that provides a new logon and portal page for NetScaler Gateway users logging on through NetScaler Gateway. The portal presents Receiver, StoreFront, and Citrix Endpoint Management users with the same GUI as when they access one of those products directly.

When to Use RfWebUI Persona

Use the RfWebUI persona in NetScaler Gateway when you need a single-pane view of all the applications provided by different NetScaler products, such as web and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, virtual Windows applications, and desktops.

The following scenarios illustrate the use of RfWebUI Persona.  

  • A user accesses StoreFront using Gateway and finds a GUI different than the one they see upon accessing the product without Gateway.
    Solution: When the user accesses StoreFront using the Gateway, the RfWebUI theme provides a similar user interface as they see upon accessing the product without using the Gateway.
  • A user accesses the Citrix Workspace app, StoreFront, and Citrix Endpoint Management applications using Gateway and struggles to locate the desired applications as the applications are not grouped in a logical fashion.
    Solution: The RfWebUI persona provides a single pane view user experience by creating a logical bundling of applications provided by different products, such as Receiver, StoreFront, Citrix Endpoint Management and so on.

Functionalities Provided by RfWebUI Persona

The new RfWebUI provides the following features:

  • GO
  • Aggregation of applications
  • User Configured Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) proxy links
  • Favorite applications


GO: The Go feature provides access to webpages through clientless VPN. The user just types the URL in the URL section on the Bookmark tab and clicks GO.

Currently, the GO feature supports only Outlook Web Application (OWA) and SharePoint URLs.

Note The GO tab is visible only if the clientlessAccessVPNMode parameter in the session policy is Enabled.

Aggregation of applications

Aggregation of applications: The RfWebUI theme provides a single-pane view by bundling the applications provided by different products under descriptive banners. For example, all the VPN URLs configured by a NetScaler administrator are in a bundle named Web and SaaS Applications, and user-specific web bookmarks are under Personal Bookmarks. If Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops application bundles are configured in StoreFront, the single pane view in NetScaler Gateway lists these bundles as well.

Users can add an RDP Proxy link as personal bookmarks. The personal bookmarks appear under the Desktops tab.

The following RDP modes are supported:

  • Single gateway
  • Stateless (Dual) gateway

Note: A user can add RDP Proxy Links only if an RDPclientprofile is configured. For more information on RDP configurations, see RDP Proxy documentation.

Favorite applications

Users can add the desired applications listed under Web and SaaS Application and under Personal Bookmarks to FAVORITES tab by clicking the Add to Favorites link present next to the application name. The applications once added can be seen under FAVORITES tab. The same can also be removed from the FAVORITES tab by clicking the REMOVE link present next to the application inside the FAVORITES tab.

Considerations While Enabling the RfWebUI Persona

The RfWebUI persona does not fully support the following:

Fileshare feature: The fileshare feature, for accessing SMB file shares, is not supported. Email Home: The Email Home VPN parameter is not available as an embedded view for the NetScaler Gateway portal. It can be accessed as an application in the Web and SaaS Apps bundle under the APPS tab of RfWebUI. Java Client: The browser based Java client for establishing an SSL tunnel is not available in this theme.

Configuring RfWebUI Persona

To apply the RfWebUI Persona:

  1. In the NetScaler interface, navigate to Configuration > NetScaler Gateway Portal Themes.
  2. On the Portal Themes page, select the RfWebUI check box.
  3. Click the Save icon on the top right corner of the Portal Themes page.
  4. In the Save Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.
RfWebUI Persona on Gateway UX Configuration