Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix WAN optimization client plug-in

The Citrix WANOP client plug-in is a software based network accelerator that runs on Windows laptops and workstations, providing acceleration anywhere, not just at offices with WANOP Client Plug-in appliances. It connects to a Citrix WANOP Client Plug-in appliance at the other end of the link.

The principles of WANOP Client Plug-in operation are generally the same as those of a WANOP Client Plug-in appliance. For topics not included in the plug-in documentation, see the larger documentation set.

The plug-in is distributed as a standard Microsoft installation file (MSI). Plug-in deployment requires some plug-in specific configuration of the WANOP Client Plug-in appliances at the other ends of the links. If you customize the MSI file with the DNS or IP addresses of the WANOP Client Plug-in appliances, and a few other parameters, your users do not have to enter any configuration information when installing the plug-in on their Windows computers.

Figure 1. Typical WANOP Client Plug-in Network Showing the WANOP Client Plug-in

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The plug-in is supported by Citrix Receiver 1.2 or later, and can be distributed and managed by Citrix Receiver.

Citrix WAN optimization client plug-in