Configure application units

To configure an application unit by using the GUI:

  1. Navigate to AppExpert > Applications > Application Unit section and then click the plus icon to add a new application unit for a traffic subset.
  2. In the Application Unit slider, set the following parameters:
    • Name
    • Expression

    You can insert an expression either by adding the expression components manually or by using the Expression Editor link. To manually add an expression, enter a selector component and then type a period (.) to display a list from which you can select the next component. For example, type HTTP and then type a period. A drop-down menu appears. The contents of this menu provide the keywords that can follow the initial keyword that you entered. Select a component from the drop-down menu. The Expression* text box now displays the components that you have added to the expression (for example, HTTP.REQ). Continue adding components until the complete expression is formed.

    If you prefer assistance to form the expression, you can use the Expression Editor link. On the Expression Editor page, you can form an expression by selecting components from the drop-down boxes. Select the components and click Done to insert the expression on the Application Unit page.

  3. Click Continue to bind services and service groups.
  4. Click the Service section to select or add a virtual service and bind it to the application unit.
  5. Click Continue and click the Service Group section to select or add a virtual service group and bind it to the application unit.
  6. Click Bind and Continue to configure Advanced Settings (such as Policies, Method, Persistence, Protection, Profiles, Push, Authentication, and Traffic Settings) for the application unit.
  7. Click the plus icon in each section to set the configuration parameters.
  8. Click OK and then Done.

To edit an application unit for an application by using the GUI:

Navigate to AppExpert > Applications, select an application and click Edit. In the Application Unit section, select an entity, click the edit icon and modify the application unit settings.

Note: You cannot modify the name and rule expression for an existing application unit.

NetScaler’s video tutorials enable you to understand NetScaler features in an easy and simple way. Watch video to learn how configure an application unit.

Configure application units

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