Maintaining and Monitoring the System

Once you complete the configuration of your NetScaler Gateway, you need to maintain and monitor the appliance. You can do so in the following ways:

  • You can upgrade NetScaler Gateway to the latest version of the software. When you log on to the Citrix website, you can navigate to the NetScaler Gateway download site and the download the software. You can find the readme for maintenance builds in the Citrix Knowledge Center.
  • You can assign NetScaler Gateway configuration and management tasks to different members of your group. With delegated administration, you can assign access levels to individuals which restrict them to performing specific tasks on NetScaler Gateway.
  • You can save the NetScaler Gateway configuration either to the appliance or a file on your computer. You can compare the current running and saved configuration. You can also clear the configuration from NetScaler Gateway.
  • You can view, refresh, and end user sessions within the NetScaler Gateway configuration utility.
  • You can configure logging on NetScaler Gateway. The logs provide important information about the appliance and are useful in case you experience problems.
Maintaining and Monitoring the System

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