Application Delivery Management

Configure adaptive thresholds

The adaptive threshold functionality sets the threshold value for the maximum number of hits on each URL. If the maximum number of hits on a URL is greater than the threshold value set for the URL, a syslog message is sent to an external syslog server. The threshold value interval can be in either days or weeks.

The threshold value is calculated as follows:

Threshold value = Max hits * Threshold multiplier


  • Max hits is the maximum number of hits on a URL.
  • Threshold multiplier is an integer value that you define (default: 2).

To create an adaptive threshold using Citrix ADM

  1. In Citrix ADM, navigate to Analytics > Settings > Adaptive Thresholds, and then click Add.

  2. On the Adaptive Thresholds page, specify the following parameters:

    • Name - Threshold name

    • Entity - URL

    • Duration - Duration of the threshold (day or week)

    • Threshold Multiplier - A user-defined integer that is multiplied with the maximum hit count of the specified URL to obtain the adaptive threshold for the URL.

Configure adaptive thresholds