Application Delivery Management

Add TACACS authentication server

  1. Navigate to System > Authentication.

  2. Select the TACACS tab and then click Add.

  3. On the Create TACACS page, specify the following parameters:

    1. Name – Specify a TACACS server name

    2. IP address – Specify the TACACS IP address

    3. Port – Specify the port number on which the TACACS server is hosted. The default port is 49

    4. Time-out (seconds) – Time in seconds for which the Citrix ADM system waits for a response from the LDAP server

    5. TACACS Key – Specify the TACACS key for authentication

    6. Confirm TACACS Key – Specify the TACACS key again for confirmation

    7. Group Attribute Name – Specify the group name

      Select Accounting if you want the appliance to log audit information with TACACS server.

  4. Click Create.


Add TACACS authentication server