Application Delivery Management

View and export Citrix ADC syslog messages

From your ADM software, you can monitor the syslog events generated on your Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) instances. For that, you must configure ADM as the syslog server for your Citrix ADC instances. After you’ve configured ADM, all syslog messages are redirected from the ADC instances to ADM.

Configure ADM as a syslog server

Follow these steps to configure ADM as the syslog server:

  1. From the ADM GUI, navigate to Networks > Instances.
  2. Select the Citrix ADC instance from which you want the syslog messages to be collected and displayed in Citrix ADM.
  3. In the Select Action list, select Configure Syslog.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. In the Facility drop-down list, select a local or user-level facility.
  6. Select the required log level for the syslog messages.
  7. Click OK.

Configure syslog on ADM

These steps configure all the syslog commands in the Citrix ADC instance, and Citrix ADM starts receiving the syslog messages.

View and search syslog messages

You can view all your syslog messages generated on your managed Citrix ADC instances. The syslog messages are stored in the database centrally and are available under Networks > Events > Syslog Messages for auditing purposes. You can combine this logging information and derive reports for analytics from the collected data.

Further, you can use filters to narrow down the search results of syslog messages and find exactly what you are looking for and in real time. Click Need Help? to open the built-in search help.



Next, add the search term. For some categories, a prepopulated list of search terms is displayed. By default, the search time is 1 day. You can change the time and date range by clicking the down arrow. You can further narrow down your search by selecting options from the Syslog Summary pane.


Export and schedule syslog messages

You can view syslog messages without logging into ADM, by scheduling an export of all syslog messages received on the server. You can export syslog messages that are generated on your ADC instances in PDF, CSV, PNG, and JPEG formats. You can schedule the export of these reports to specified email addresses or Slack account at various intervals.

To export and schedule the log messages, click the arrow icon on the upper right corner.

Export messages on ADM

  • To export the log messages, click Export Reports > Export Now, select the required format, and then click Export.

  • To schedule the export of syslog messages, click Export Reports > Schedule Report, and set the required parameters. You can receive the report through email or Slack.

Schedule syslog export

View and export Citrix ADC syslog messages