Application Delivery Management

Provisioning of Citrix ADC VPX instance on OpenStack using StyleBook

In the OpenStack orchestration workflow, Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) now uses the os-cs-lb-mon StyleBook to deploy LBaaS configurations on Citrix ADC instances allotted to the OpenStack tenant. A configuration pack is created for each load balancer created by the OpenStack user.

Using StyleBooks for configuration in an OpenStack workflow provides the following benefits:

  • Better visualization by viewing all the configuration objects.
  • Reliability through rollback.
  • Support for various Citrix ADC instance types (Citrix ADC HA, partitions, VPX, CPX, MPX, and others.)
  • Customization by using your own StyleBooks to deploy configuration for OpenStack tenants.

As Citrix ADM admin, navigate to Applications > Configurations to view the configuration pack deployed on the Citrix ADC instance. You can perform the following tasks:

  • Scroll to view the os-cs-lb-mon configuration pack deployed for the load balancer.
  • Click View Definition on the os-cs-lb-mon StyleBook panel to check the configuration that is deployed on the instances.

  • Click View Object to view the list of Citrix ADC objects or entities deployed on the instances.

Points to note before provisioning instances using StyleBooks

From Citrix ADM 12.1 build 49.23 onwards, the architecture of an OpenStack orchestration workflow has been updated. The workflow now uses Citrix ADM StyleBooks to configure Citrix ADC instances. If you are upgrading to Citrix ADM 12.1 build 49.23 from either version 12.0 or from version 12.1 build 48.18, you must run the following migration script:

  • Running the migration script creates configuration packs of the os-cs-lb-mon StyleBook corresponding to the existing OpenStack configurations.

  • Running this migration script is mandatory if you had OpenStack configurations deployed from these earlier builds.

  • You can deploy new configurations on the instances using the os-cs-lb-mon StyleBook only after you run the migration script from version 12.1 build 49.23.

  • All configurations attempted from OpenStack fail until the migration script is run.


  • Once you run the migration script, you cannot downgrade to the previous build of Citrix ADM.
  • Ensure that you have upgraded the Citrix ADC drivers for OpenStack LBaaS V2 to the latest version. Use the Citrix ADC bundle files provided along with the latest Citrix ADM 13.0 build.

LBaaS V2 API implementations are performed through Neutron LBaaS commands. Connect to any Neutron client and run the configuration tasks. For more information on how to run configuration commands, see Configuring LBaaS V2 using Command Line.

Provisioning of Citrix ADC VPX instance on OpenStack using StyleBook