Application Delivery Management

Self-service diagnostics for Analytics

Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) performs self-service diagnostics to identify the license and configuration issues on the managed instances for the following analytics features:

  • Web Insight

  • HDX Insight

  • Gateway Insight

  • Security Insight

  • SSL Forward Proxy Analytics

The self-service diagnostics runs every 12 hours and generates a diagnostic report if issues are found for each of the specified analytics features. The diagnostic report provides the sources of the issues, the types of issues, and the corrective actions to resolve the issues. The self-service diagnostics helps you to identify and troubleshoot the issues faster.

For example, if AppFlow policy is not bound on a virtual server or a virtual server is not licensed, Citrix ADM does not get the desired data for Web Insight monitoring. The self-service diagnostics identifies the issues and generates a diagnostic report. You can view the diagnostic report to check the issues and perform the corrective actions.

View the diagnostic report

To view the diagnostic reports for the specified analytics features, you need to go to the respective analytics node in the dashboard of Citrix ADM.

For example, to view the diagnostic report for Web Insight, navigate to Analytics > Web Insight. On the Web Insight page, select the Show Diagnostics icon.

Show diagnostics

You can also run an instant diagnostic if you want to check for issues. Click Run diagnostics. Choose the instances and select Run Diagnostics.

Run diagnostics

Select instance

Analyze the diagnostic report

The self-service diagnostics displays the diagnostic report in either orange or blue background according to criticality of issues.

Diagnostic report in the orange background signifies a higher criticality than the blue background.

For example, there are five virtual servers configured on your Citrix ADC instance. If you have not enabled the AppFlow parameters on any virtual servers, Citrix ADM does not receive the Web Insight and Security Insight traffic for analysis. The self-service diagnostics identifies the configuration issues as critical. You see the diagnostic reports in orange background in the Web Insight and the Security Insight feature.

Diagnostic report

If you have enabled AppFlow on one of the virtual servers, Citrix ADM receives data for analytics. You see the diagnostic report in blue background because at least one virtual server is sending traffic for analysis.

Analyze traffic

IMPORTANT: The self-service diagnostics does not check for traffic flow. It only checks for license or configuration issues that are associated with the specified analytics features on the managed instances. Sometimes, you do not see any analytics data because there is no active traffic flowing through virtual servers.

The Diagnostic report has a summary page and a detailed information page.

The summary page provides an overview about the types of issues- license or configuration. The page might contain hyperlinks that direct you to the relevant configuration pages.

For example, if there are no load balancing virtual servers licensed on your Citrix ADM, the summary page provides a hyperlink that directs you to the System Licenses page.

System license

To view the detailed information about the issues, click See more on the summary page.

The detailed information page provides the complete information about the issues and recommends action that you need to perform. You can click the hyperlink against each issue to configure the managed instance or the virtual server.

Diagnostic details page

You can also search the issues based on the action, host name, IP address, and issue type and so on.

Diagnostic filter

After resolving the issues, you need to run an instant diagnostic to generate the latest diagnostic report.

Self-service diagnostics for Analytics