Application Delivery Management

Configuration jobs

Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) configuration management process ensures the proper replication of configuration changes, system upgrades, and other maintenance activities across multiple Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) instances in the network.

Citrix ADM allows you to create configuration jobs that help you to perform all these activities with ease on several devices as a single task. Configuration jobs and templates simplify the most repetitive administrative tasks to a single task on Citrix ADM. A configuration job contains a set of configuration commands that you can run on one or multiple managed devices.

Configuration Jobs can either use SSH commands to do configuration commands or use SCP to do file copy from either locally or to another appliance, for example, we can schedule a HA-failover or HA-upgrade.

You can create a configuration job by using one of the following four options in Citrix ADM. Use one of these to create a reusable source of commands and instructions to the system to run a configuration job.

  1. Configuration Template

  2. Instance

  3. File

  4. Record and Play

Configuration Template

You can create configuration templates while creating a job and saving a set of configuration commands as a template. When you save these templates on the Create Jobs page, they are automatically displayed on the Create Template page.

Note The Rename option is disabled for the default configuration templates. However, you can rename custom configuration templates.

You can use one of the following templates:

Configuration Editor: You can use the configuration editor to type in CLI commands, save the configuration as a template, and use it to configure jobs.

Inbuilt Template: You can choose from a list of configuration templates. These templates provide the syntaxes of the CLI commands and allow you to specify values for the variables. The inbuilt templates are listed, with their descriptions in the table below. You can schedule a job by using the built-in template option. A job is a set of configuration commands that you can run on one or more managed instances. For example, you can use the built-in template option to schedule a job to configure syslog servers. You can also, choose to run the job immediately or schedule the job to be run at a later stage.


You can perform a single-bundle upgrade of your Citrix SDX instances running Citrix ADC release 11.0 and later. To perform a single-bundle upgrade, you use a built-in task in Citrix ADM. You can also upgrade a Citrix ADC instance by extracting the running configuration or a saved configuration and running the commands on another Citrix ADC instance of the same type. This allows you to replicate the configuration of one instance on the other.


You can upload a configuration file from your local machine and create jobs.

Advantages of using a file

  • You can use any text file to create a reusable source of configuration commands.

  • Any kind of formatting is not required.

  • The file can be saved on your local machine.

You can either create and save a new file or import an existing file, and run the commands.

Record and Play

Using Create job you can either enter your own CLI commands, or you can use the record and play button to get commands from a Citrix ADC session. When you run the job, changes in the ns.conf on the selected instance are recorded and copied to Citrix ADM.

Configuration jobs