Application Delivery Management

Configure LBaaS V1 using Horizon

Tom can now log on to the OpenStack Horizon portal and create an LBaaS pool and select a subnet where all the members of this pool are located in. Tom has to add a virtual IP (VIP) address and assign this VIP to the pool that he has created. Tom can also perform this on command line or through APIs. External clients for Tom’s servers can connect to this VIP address, which is hosted on the assigned Citrix ADC, and Citrix ADC distributes all requests to the pool members on the configured ports.

LBaaS pool members are the load balanced servers that are added to the selected pool. Tom can assign a weight and a port to each of these members.

Health monitors are used to watch the health and good functioning of all members of the pool. Tom can create a health monitoring template in OpenStack by specifying delay, timeout, and retry limits, and also specify method, URL path, and expected HTTP codes upon success. After creating a monitor, Tom has to associate the monitor with the pool that was previously created.

For more information on how to create a pools, and other LBaaS configuration tasks in OpenStack, see OpenStack Documentation.


LBaaS V1 is not supported in Liberty release of OpenStack. For more information, see OpenStack Release Notes.

Configure LBaaS V1 using Horizon